Challenges In Diversity In Traditional Churches - In this workshop, you'll hear from two local pastors, Ernest Thomas (St. Mark Baptist) and Chuck Monan (Pleasant Valley Church of Christ) who will compare and contrast the challenges of building kingdom diversity into a traditional setting.  Each has its unique challenges with core issues that are surprisingly the same.


Strategic Partnerships for Community Development - How and why are businesses, healthcare providers and nonprofits partnering with churches to affect real community transformation?  Come and hear from Mike Perkins, VP from Baptist HealthShamim Okallah, Community Relations from the Arkansas Food Bank, Stuart Norton, VP from First Security Bank and Eric Buckner, CEO of 10Fitness as they conduct a panel session on the importance of these innovative strategic partnerships from all sectors of society (church, nonprofit, healthcare, marketplace, financial) working together for the common good.


Broaching Potentially Volatile Topics In a Church Setting - Want to know how to discuss hot topics in a Christlike manner within a church setting?  Woodson Walker from the Racial, Cultural and Diversity Circle and Frank LeBlanc from Westover Hills Pres will host this workshop discussing some of the methods and practices that have unified their participants around some of the more volatile issues of our day. 


Three Models of Community Development Corporations (CDC's) - In this workshop, Dr. Quentin Washispack (The Dream Center, New Life Church), Spring Hunter (Conway Ministry Center, 2nd Baptist Conway) and TBA (Vine and Village, Mosaic Church) will discuss the different approaches they have used to build separate 501c3's that focus on community development.


Challenges of Diverse Youth Ministry - In this workshop, Student Pastors, Cai Lane (Mosaic LR), Nick Colthorp (Mosaic Conway), Dante Shelton (First United Methodist Church of Maumelle) and John Withrow (Otter Creek Assembly of God) will discuss the unique challenges of building Student Ministries that are ethnically and socio-economically diverse.  


Where to Begin: Engaging Cross-culturally - Building trust in a community takes much prayer, patience and persistence.  Learn how prayer walkers, Ken and Janey Lumley (Summit Church) and a dinner club strategy (Ray Williams and LaShanna Bruce, Fellowship Bible Church) are sowing good seeds into the community around them.  


Worshiping In Diverse Styles - Very few topics bring about more controversy in the church than worship styles.  Come and hear from James Wafford, III (Mosaic LR), Shane Worthington (Fellowship NLR), Logan Bloom (One Voice, Arkansas for Christ) and Dina Nash (Fellowship NLR)and other worship leaders from around the city as they discuss the principles behind leading diverse congregations into the presence of the Lord.  


What A Historian Wishes Every Church in Central Arkansas Knew About Our History (Part II) - In this continuation of Dr. John Kirk's (UALR Professor of History and Director of the Institute on Race and Ethnicity) plenary teaser, go deeper into Little Rock's past to uncover some of the substantive issues currently facing our city and how the church can be a part of the solution.


Different Approaches for Transitioning Churches - Join Pastors Harold Nash, Pastor Steven Bell, and Pastor Chris Beard for an open discussion on their approaches to transitioning their churches.  Each church (Fellowship Bible North Little Rock, Otter Creek Community Church and The Peoples Church) have approached diversifying their churches in different, yet uniquely effective forms which has led to significant gains in kingdom diversity within their congregations.  


Conflict or Culture Clash?! - How many offenses and conflicts are simply misunderstandings about culture?  Join Dr. Rodney Cooper as he discusses how various cultural groups perceive conflict, and how to navigate varying interpersonal communication styles to bring about Christ-like resolution to the messiest of situations.


African American Led Multi-Racial Churches: The Latest Research - In this insightful and intriguing workshop, Pastor Mondonico Williams (Pursuit Church, Memphis) presents his latest doctoral research highlighting the current challenges facing African American Lead Pastors in a multiethnic environment.   He also unveils an assessment tool that evaluates the strength of multi-ethnic culture within a church or organization.  


"What Would You Do and Say If ... ?" - Leading Professional Consultant, Jon Harrison (VIP2) will facilitate a fast-moving, group-think type discussion meant to get you processing realistic and complex diversity-related scenarios through a different lens.  If you've ever wanted to add some principles, tools and techniques meant to help you navigate even the touchiest of situations, this workshop was designed for you.


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